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maidofiron's Journal

Angela "Angie" Irons
7 March
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Age: 32
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Character: Angela "Angie" Irons, Codename: Iron Maiden
Character Journal: maidofiron, IC blog
Characters Age: 21
Hero or Villain: Hero
Series of Origin: Steel, The Authority, and Planet X
Universe of Origin: Amalgam (Comprised of Natasha Irons, Angela Spica [The Engineer], and Iron Maiden)

Personality: Somewhat high strung. While Angela takes her work very seriously, she can also become bored quickly if she doesn't have enough going on to stimulate her mind when not working. A little on the geeky side, Angela has grown up doing two things primarily; Building computers and computer systems, and reading comic books. She's also benefited from a fairly loving (if over protective) family. It's made her an amazingly kind person despite her rough exterior, who often worries over her friends and family. Angela also has a bit of a stubborn streak, and occasionally drinks. She's also been seen smoking but nothing more severe than that. Generally she'll give back what she receives, so if you're nice to her, she'll be nice to you too.

Background: Born the daughter of Karen and Clay Irons, Angela Irons is the niece of famed superhero John Henry Irons, aka Steel. The youngest child of seven. Her family wasn’t rich but they were happy and very proud of their amazing Parents. From a young age Angie was obsessed with superheroes. She first found her Fathers old comics in the attic and eventually went on to amass an impressive collection dating all the way back to some of the oldest issues in existence. While dreaming of becoming a superhero, Angie became the smartest child in her school, and was building circuit-boards while other children in her class were still playing with toys. Is was clear she had a brilliant minds and because of this she was working as an intern for a U.S. Senator by the age of 13. However, it was her Uncle and her Mother, a U.S. Air Force test pilot, who Angie always looked up to and admired. Angela didn't have much contact with her Father, he having been exiled from the family when she was very young after it was discovered that he was a criminal who called himself Crash. The stress of this may have been the cause of some of her less appropriate habits such as drinking and smoking. Throughout her childhood Angela built a great many devices and even began the rudimentary basis that would eventually become her personal AI Claire. But her first suit would not be built by her. Instead, it came from her Uncle.

John built a new Steel suit after he became injured, and could no longer carry on as the hero Steel. Originally he intended the suit to be used by Angie's Mother, believing that she was a better candidate because of her experience in the Air Force. He felt that people still needed help. Instead, Angela took the suit for a joy ride, and turned out to have a natural talent for wielding it. After intense discussions between himself and her mother Karen, (who was at first reluctant despite her own somewhat reckless career of test flying experimental planes for the Government) the decision was made and Angela received the mantel of Steel from her Uncle. This arrangement worked well for a time, and as the new Steel, Angie flourished. But a falling out with her Uncle over personal matters and her own ideas on how to upgrade the suit and it's primary weapon (A large Hammer), caused him to deactivate the suit, telling her that if she wanted to continue to fight crime she would have to rebuild it herself from the ground up.

Not to be deterred by their attempts to 'ground' her, Angela accepted his challenge and constructed her own suit. Putting all of her time and resources into the armor, Angie not only managed to return to active duty as the newly renamed hero Iron Maiden, but she reconciled with her Uncle, earning his respect (and help with some of the parts of the suit she didn't construct quite that neatly). Always ahead of the class, Angie graduated college at the age of 15, MIT tech at 19, and then made her way to New York where she made the acquaintance of the Golden Avenger himself when she displayed her suits capabilities in a chance encounter with some armor suited thugs. After the battle she was allowed to repair her suit in his New York Garage where she promptly handed him her resume and through sheer persistence secured a position as an unpaid intern, with the compensation that she had nigh unlimited access to his workshop, raw materials, and tools for the purpose of keeping the Iron Maiden armor in good working order.

Since then she's been up to her ears in work of all kinds, both as a Hero and as an Employee of the newly christened Stark company 'Resilient'. She's been moved to their main base in Seattle where she often takes interviews and press conferences in place of Tony when he's in the field with the JAS as Iron Man and until recently for Pepper when she was overloaded with work and needed to catch up. She aided Cir-El when Hysteria attacked New York on New Years Eve, collected a sample of the creature's acidic outer coating and sent it to S.T.A.R. Labs for testing, and saved a puppies life by performing a radical experimental surgery on it to replace all four of it's limbs with mechanized ones (She calls him 'Iron Dog', to Mr. Starks everlasting dismay).

In more recent events, Angela fell ill. At first believing it to be some kind of flu or cold virus it soon became clear that something entirely different was going on with her body. She soon learned via directing Claire to analyze her blood that she had carried a latent mutant gene for most of her life so far and now for reasons she wasn't sure of it had suddenly gone live. The gene's power first manifested as a slick coating of metal over her body. Metal that was also analyzed by Claire and revealed to be the rare metal Vibranium. This was only the beginning though. She soon learned that she could control not only whether she was coated or exposed but also what shape the metal took. And that was only the beginning. Shortly thereafter she received a package with something resembling a thumb drive. Following the instructions laid out for her Angie plugged it into her AI and within minutes it was downloading an amazing amount of information which opened up a whole new world of technological possibilities she had never dreamt of before.

While she still calls herself Iron Maiden, Angela has retired her suit, keeping it in her apartment under glass. Since she grows attached to and often bonds with the machines she builds it is more than likely that she has done this because she feels sentimental about the metal suit and just couldn't bear to give it up.

Sexuality: Straight

Powers and/or Special Skills: Angela's original suit gave her enhanced strength, endurance, and flight. It could grow to 60ft tall if needed as well. Until recently it was believed that she had no powers aside from her genius level intellect. However recent events have revealed that she had a latent mutant gene which has now become active.

While she is only just discovering her powers, Angela is the "master of vibranium", she has full control over the element, allowing her to control it mentally. As such she can manifest a coating that covers her body and can be shaped and sculpted according to her will. She can shape weapons as simple as knives or as complicated as laser blasters and more. Not limited to her own Vibranium, she can control other sources as well. In addition, the range and scope of her powers have been expanded after combining her new ability with information downloaded directly into her brain. With the knowledge she gained she has also gained these abilities:

Blood Nanites: Iron Maiden's Vibranium has been integrated into her bloodstream and technologically infused. Replacing her blood with 9 pints of enhanced nanobots; tiny machines controlled by her will. She can do almost anything she imagines with her nanobots including adapting to the environment or any other adverse affects that afflict her. Her main use of her nanites are to coat herself in a metal liquid form to allow for better and more complete control over her powers as well as giving her protection.

Plasticity: She can extend and stretch her metallic form with ease.

Adaptive Durability: She usually coats her skin with a layer of metal to protect herself from harm. This ability makes her seem like she is made of liquid metal. And she can adjust the arrangement of this coating to give her a kind of morphing effect. Her ability allows her to withstand extreme force blasts (As those of a large bomb or missile) without taking damage due to her metal coating being made of one of two indestructible metals; Vibranium.

Nanite Fabricating: Visually, her most impressive power is the ability to create almost anything out of the trace elements that exist in the air and soil that surround her, from machine gun hands. There is nearly no limit to what her machines can do other than her imagination.

Radiotelepathy: Iron Maiden can assign a nanite to an individual person. It will implant in the persons head and allow all the user to use "radiotelepathy", a form of mechanically produced telepathy. The upper range of this communication is unknown, all that is known is that all users are capable of instantaneous communication world wide. The added ability to track and locate is also apart of the Radiotelepathy for those implanted.

Nanite Sensors: She has developed an invisible web of atom-sized machine sensors around her, it acts a security field, its highly sensitive to environmental changes.

Telescopic Vision

Nanite Disintegration: By extending the nanoload in a sphere from her body as far as it'll go without killing her, she can extrude the machinery out into a web of knives small enough to slip between atoms.

Nanite Knowledge: For intensive purposes her nanites are a vast repository of information and she is capable of literally storing the knowledge of every book on earth in a drop of her blood.

Technopathy: She has the ability to interface directly with machines using her nanites as connection. She can also interact with computers and accumulate all the data within.

Electrokinesis: Her Technopathy could manifest as a special form of electrical manipulation, a type form of shape-shifting which allows physical interaction with machines.

Flight: Angie can also fly without any visible form of propulsion.

Interstellar Travel: Her nanites allow her to to propel herself through space. She is able to modify her own body to survive in space unharmed. Theoretically this can also be applied to other extreme situations such as deep oceans. However she cannot survive in extreme temperatures as her body is still for all intents and purposes; human. Too much heat could melt not only her body but also her nanites.

Gravity Hammer: Her Hammer has been retired in light of her new abilities, however when in use the weapon is aligned with the earths magnetic field, and when set down can only be lifted by her or someone sharing her bloodline. The hammer can be electrically charged, and the farther it's thrown, the harder it hits.

Vulnerabilities: Her main weakness is also her greatest strength. If someone were to siphon out the nanites from her body, her body would almost immediately go into shock and she would certainly die without a blood transfusion, as the nanites have replaced her blood. Because of this she has to be careful around people with powers similar to Magneto's. She is also vulnerable to many of the same things all humans are; Extreme Heat (Center of the Earth, Volcano Heart heat), Starvation and Dehydration. Her Nanites can take moisture and some sustenance from the air but there is a limit to their capabilities since as Angela deteriorates she will lose focus and it will become more and more difficult to direct them productively.

Because they are created from vibranium that was generated by her own mutant power the nanites cannot be reassigned to another host body. However they can be contained and separated from her. She seems to have no problems with electricity but it is unknown if she is protected against EMP attacks or not. Like any other radio communication; Angela's radiotelepathy can be scrambled or jammed by the right application of interfering signals.

Current Location: Seattle

Anything else we should know? Angela has a habit of naming her creations. Her current favorite is an AI similar to J.A.R.V.I.S. which runs most of her technical devices from her computer systems to her smart phone, all of which are stored in a bracelet she wears. She's named this AI "Claire" from the French word meaning "Clear". It's an affectionate association with the transparent smartglass that most of the system runs on.